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Mall of Fortune

by Harriet Brown

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baby what you want? what you spend your life on? when it’s time oh what kinda fortune are you bringing back home? window shopping give you nothin’ if nothin’ is what you want you gonna have to sign for something if you wanna take it home tell me baby what’s your style? what’s gon’ make you feel worthwhile? are you into specifics with it or want more versatile? better get before it’s gone, wanna cop them bomb jawns, don’t spend all your time thinkin’ bout how you don’t know what you want show me baby, what’s the score? what you tradin’ your life for? are you gettin’ what you can or you think you can get some more? baby put your money down, what good’s having it around? if it rots inside your pocket you’ve lost it then anyhow you know baby either way, that we all gon’ have to pay, time is money won’t you honey rather spend it on something? so baby tell me what you want, what you really want want, when it’s time oh what kinda fortune you gettin’ at the mall? you got to get up, get out, go find out what’s good for you, what she got in store you got to keep on movin’, let me know to what you’re groovin’, what you tradin’ your life for? before you know it, she closin’, askin’ “where did you go?” and you won’t know what to say so go and spend some time feelin’ out what your favorite deal is – one way or another we all gonna pay
tell me what i want i don’t know what i want i been circlin’ around for hours and i’ve got room in my bag, room in my hands, in my head, in my soul, don’t you know stare at this display snap my eyes out that glaze there ain’t no way i’m gon’ give up this now cuz i’m just one choice away from purchasing away this pain starchy jeans, steel toes with the sheen can’t quite afford all this cream but my chip in that machine never know that one, or maybe that one? do you see what i want? or on to the next one? this one? please tell me which one, i don’t know what i want, oh baby can you pick one? need some, ain’t we havin’ fun? just tell me which one i need to have no problem this one or maybe that one? i don’t know what i want but i need you to make my decision lady it’s gettin’ cold maybe i should buy a coat or a carved jaded monkey, new colored lights thinkin’ if i get the ambience right, then i might be able to sleep at night, wake up on time i know you know that feng shui and i’m feelin’ kinda weak perhaps i need to eat but i can’t hit the food court til after one last sweep until i know i’ve gotten everything that might help me retain the delight that surfaces most when i make the trade, and now it’s mine but that feeling is shorter every time can’t you help me decide? cuz i been circlin’ around for hours if only you could tell me which way i should go cuz i don’t know what i want my stomach’s empty, pretty lady can you fill me? or tell me what can? bass soft linens, creamy silks whatever helps me stay afloat can i walk on clouds with these new soles? will i find life in this new suit?
shower up, saddle up gettin out of the house grab the colors you want paint it all over town put it all behind me know where you can find me we’re doin what we want tonight do they ever mind me? it’s time that i stop trying to know shower up, saddle up shower up, saddle up girl, we goin' downtown power up, paddle up gonna keep gaining ground lady you remind me all da other times we spent hidin’ out from everyone do they ever mind me? i don’t think that i have to know shower up, saddle up saddle up, get your boots on time to ride into town fill your cup, get ya groove on ain’t no care who’s around tell me that I’m crazy spent too many days in front of the mirror wonderin’ take me to the party done talkin’; I am ready to dance
baby can you hold me close listen to me breathing, feel my heartbeat make sure that i ain’t a ghost cuz i’m on another plane when you’re with me baby the outerworld is callin’ our names oh we can leave this dimension we gon’ make our escape and there’ll be no one to tell us what we can or can’t do the only thing on my mind i wanna go there with you oh won’t you come (come, come lady) come with me savor when you hold me close analyze my texture baby even if i were a ghost i know your love’s the one that saves me baby the outerworld feels lovely today hard to believe it’s so simple to venture this way cuz now i’m feelin’ a rapture that i’ve never before we’ll have to be back again, sweet lady, when you want more i hope you come (come, come lady) come with me wish we could stay forever, baby here on a cloud, reclined leave me lost in the ether, baby long as i’m here with you feel so good but too much, baby might make me lose my mind well i don’t know what they call goin’ crazy i feel sane when i’m with you come
Method 06:00
feelin’ kinda tight in my veins my blood feelin’ especially hot feelin’ very tired but restless i’m runnin’ while i’m lyin’ down 5:45 in the afternoon my lungs tied up in the air but baby when you come knockin’ on my door... i can feel it untighten loosen the knot, loosen the top i wanna let it out you know how to do it right, you gon’ let me know a peace far past my understanding baby go’n and push your method on me show me how you go to ease the fire pressure deep, relax or death upon me you can let me out, you take me higher you take me still i know it’s gonna take some time i’m scared i’m gettin’ close to the edge but baby when you lay your hands on me i can feel my weight lighten, loosen my feet im fallin’ and free, feel it comin’ out you can do it right, the way that you feel lead me to the promised land you givin’ me good love
Cinnamon Sky 04:30
pullin’ up under that cinnamon sky paintin’ with the wind again sprinklin’ me with sugar and spice sepia rainbow pullin’ up under that cinnamon sky colorin’ the air again showerin’ me with sugar and spice see the pink sun glow wake up every morning wonderin’ “is it gettin’ harder to breathe?” but when i walk outside i feel i’m in the most cinematic scene could this be so dire? if everything looks beautiful must we still worry? think i’ll take a ride; colors of the wind i’m cruisin’, swear we in a movie (got my glasses on) lay down every evening wonderin’ “how many more nights can we sleep?” but what’s there to lose sleep bout when both day and night we’re livin’ in our dreams? can it go so far? surely we cannot have made much of a difference baby start your car; winter nights have never felt so warm – we’ll cruise til’ morning (all the windows down) see the pink sun glowin’ up if the sky melt down i’d just keep driving so turn the music up little sweet and spicy don’t hurt nothin’ so keep on lovin’ it’s you and me, oh baby we’ll be ridin’ through the end until the stars are all we see and when the sun comes up again we’ll find the colors of our dreams so beautiful oh baby close your eyes and enjoy the ride don’t you know that our life is beautiful add a little sweet and spice colorin’ the open sky oh baby open wide we gon’ get real high can’t you see that our world is wonderful a little cinnamon looks nice it be rainin’ sugar and spice
i can see your lips movin’, but i can’t hear you can’t you see that i’m groovin’? the beat is feelin’ good won’t you save your voice, partner? i know you talkin’ loud cuz i got a choice, partner it ain’t to listen to you now don’t you hear that good music fillin’ up the room? got the rhythm i can’t lose it it’s what i came to do ain’t tryna hear your story hamperin’ my trance if you see me on the dance floor you know what i’m here for if you see me on the dance floor i ain’t tryin’ to talk i found a dime in my pocket sayin’ i gotta rock the only person that i listen to when i’m on the floor is the holy angel of the groove she tellin’ me i need more (gotta go if you ain’t gonna dance with me) shhhhh, homie don’t you know that i gotta need to fill and you up in my zone act like we all of one mind but you keep your ears closed while your mouth it stay wide open and your feet they turn to stone how your body get so froze? it ain’t cold, feel the heat when i’m on the dance floor its just the angel and me let the spirit take over, stop tryin’ to control her stop tryin’ to patrol with your mouth wide open so if you ain’t feelin’ it, you best get on now no need to fill up the air with your babble cuz if you wanna stay, gotta respect the holy place if it ain’t your thing then that’s okay just get your mouth outta my face now and out the function, unless you got the gumption to open yourself up give no fucks, let her come in like the holy spirit givin’ mary the babe the freaks come to worship in the holy place ain’t no use in shoutin’, partner i’m in another place movin’ with the cloud and fire breathin’ in her grace tonight i’m gonna let her take me anywhere she wants gonna have to cut the conversation cuz i came here to ••••• baby, i love the way you look at me they all be thinkin’ that i’m crazy when our love is shinin’, they will see that we knowin’ how to move right together like moods with the weather lady imma follow you wherever you go and i know there gonna be different seasons but comfort ain’t the reason groovin’ with you i know we gonna grow
baby don’t you go far away i want your love, i’m thirsting for you now without you there was no night or day and i know i can’t ensure you’ll stay always but i’ll always answer when you call my name please forgive the times i’m not open (can you forgive) to receive the word you have for me (the times that i did not listen) trying so hard to explain a drought’s reason (trying so hard) that i miss the water right in front of me (can’t even see the water) baby please don’t go far away i need your love, ever thirst for you now before you, infinitely empty space if i’m even to hope you’ll stay then always i’ll answer when you call my name
mix it up baby empty it out and we fill it up baby gon go somewhere new gonna try doin somethin we ain’t never do now mix it up baby build it up break it down then we fix it up baby ain’t tied to the race set our own course, steady at our own pace baby if you wanna ride with me we can go the way you wanna if you wanna take the driver’s seat you can take us where you wanna love you lady when you in the driver’s seat gas in the tank, ain’t no time to beat goin zero to a hundred, baby pick ya speed we can get there when we get there if we feelin cool, use the cruise control take ya foot up off the gas, stretch your legs some more you can unzip ya pants, just keep your eyes on the road you can take us anywhere
Hardwalkin' 03:10
hey mister whatcha doin’ with that big old thing it help you find some food and bring home some meat you gon’ protect yourself, can you protect me? i heard you swore you gonna keep us from calamity and when you walkin’ down the street nobody mess with you i know we takin’ in the heat while we talk real cool but don’t you get it in your head, my man, that we ain’t scared we only tryin’ to prevent you noticing us there and when you turn to look at me i cannot help but sweat body shakin’ hands tremblin’ tryna bring down the temp unsure if i can stop the nerves from doing me wrong like a choir audition gotta get thru the song but for every missed note you decide the hit be the slipper or the belt or crackin’ out the whip and here i’m prayin’ that i haven’t made too many mistakes or that today’s a day you feel like practicin’ ya grace they always talk about the devil but you bring me real fear i thought we speak the same language but it ain’t quite clear for every misinterpretation, an extremity chopped you callin’ it a conversation when i can’t even talk the more you don’t know what i say the more your fire build up and you declarin’ that you burnin’ in the name of love you got the power none can’t stop you from takin’ aim but if you doin’ what you doin’ at least call it by its name you call that really love? do you call that love? is that what you call love? call it by its name don’t think we think the same do you really call it love?
Bag Away 05:29
didn’t know that all this time i could’ve been fine if i just put my bag away shoulda known that brighter light’d be alright if i just put my bag away, put the bag away, throw it all away oh turn it up now i’m a grown man but i’m still indecisive and i can’t decide if I’m really feelin’ okay with this i’m learnin’ and i’m cool with it i’m doin’ it i’m through with it still every now and then i swear they sussin’ my bag ain’t they all wonderin’ just what’s in my bag? i’m paranoid but i can feel they eyes scanning from side to side and then up and down, let’s turn it around they be scopin’ my bag i swear they think i got some coke in my bag i’m feelin’ hot but imma stay real fly just let it all glide, gon’ enjoy the here and now (sussin’ the bag, scopin’ the bag i know scopin’ the bag, sussin’ me up and down that i know, scopin’ the bag, sussin’ the bag i know) let it go you know all this time could’ve been fine if you just put the bag away i know i could just put my bag away, throw it all away now shoulda known (but how could i know?) i’d calm my mind, just put my bag away i’m really tryin’ – what am i still hidin’? i know i’m gonna feel they eyes but they don’t know – oh no – that i drown – put me down – in thoughts about what they be thinkin’ bout but its hard to stop it know i gotta stop it put the bag away you heard me say, “i’m done with this now” baby hold me to it but sometimes its hard to bare when baby i swear they sussin’ my bag... put the bag away i can feel their eyes
Paper 04:44
we ain’t got the paper but we gonna have a good time ain’t sure where but we gon’ go wherever heaven allows one thing that i know is we don’t gotta spend a dime cuz we don’t got it but that don’t mean we can’t party right now so baby gon’ now get inside girl we gettin’ on this free ride got no reason to be ashamed hey now hop aboard ain’t gonna feel bad anymore heaven knows we ain’t gonna pay hey missy let me in know for sure we on that list do you know how to read my name? well it don’t matter much to me either way we gonna dance for free don’t need no paper that’s okay and when we cruisin’ baby we know how to stretch the pavement they say we got a meter, my baby turn it into a mile it’s a ball with you here anyway – you know i ain’t fakin’ when we together, we can party anywhere for a while so baby now... baby all we need is lovin’ and a good amount of drive i know that we gonna make it ain’t you glad to be alive? smokin’ to the paper cuz we can’t have nothin’ wasted to the bottom we scrapin’ but i know its gonna change workin’ harder, movin’ up oh baby gotta be patient cuz i know they the ones that gon’ pay us to party someday but for now babe...
Man 03:04
just because i feel you ain’t gettin me doesn’t mean you don’t know what you feel and baby i should’ve learned by now you’re usually right just because i did not mean that don’t mean the way i acted wasn’t real sorry you’re always the first to see me trying to deny that i got the evil man inside actin up again (but i wanna be with you) ain’t no use in even trying to deny him identify, start tranquilizing what i can hopin u stay long enough to enjoy a time when he hardly awake the moment we decide to stop trying is the moment it’ll begin to collapse any moment that u feel i’m not trying let me know straight away cuz i got the evil man inside he gon act up again
you said you’d take your time with me now how you gonna do that? you said you’d take your time with me so how you gonna do that, baby? show me how you do that wanna see you do that, babe really gonna do that? gonna take a proper chance, baby? i ain’t tryna find somethin’ fast, baby


Harriet Brown is an artist, producer, composer and performer, creating his own genre of homegrown R&B. With his second album, Mall of Fortune, HB has evolved his bedroom funk to the next level, unapologetically taking us on a semi-smooth ride to sexy church, not without a rough dose of future twang. A vocalist and multi-instrumentalist, Harriet Brown’s productions are a slew of his meticulous drum programming and heavy, synthesized bass intertwined with his deeply intentional lyrics. HB not only makes us move, but also be moved; his music is genre bending, contemplative, and soulful - contemporary funk for the nostalgics.


released February 1, 2019

All Words and Music Written, Arranged, Performed* and Produced by Harriet Brown

*except: vocals on "Outerworld" performed by Felicia Douglass and Harriet Brown • vocals on "When You Call My Name" performed by Ana Roxanne and Harriet Brown • additional organ tickling on "Take Your Time With Me" by M.F. Wiley

Mixed by Harriet Brown, Tammy Nguyen and Alex Talan
Mastered by Mike Bozzi
Artwork & Design by Tammy Nguyen


all rights reserved



Harriet Brown Los Angeles, California

Host of "All About Our Love" on NTS Radio

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